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About Elfenfunke

Who I am


Hello, I am Melody Aimée. 
Ever since I was s a young child, I marveled at the images on my mother's Thoth Tarot deck. Quickly I learned from her how to draw the cards. T
arot cards have accompanied me through teenage years and through my learning and wandering years and have been a faithful guide. A tool to communicate with my higher self and my spirit guides. As such, I have been working with Tarot cards for more than 30 years. I want to pass on this knowledge and love for the cards to you.

I live with my husband and three sons in the heart of Switzerland. I love nature and long walks in the woods. In addition, I am a nerd and love Middle Earth and also like to play some video games every now and then.

Elfenfunke means "elf spark" in German and for me this stands for the tiny spark of hope, that lives in all of us, no matter how dark our times and how great our challenges. This spark is the connection to your higher, cosmic self. It is always there. There is always hope.

Feel free to contact me anytime and ask me some questions. 

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